Lean Vs. Fatty Steaks

The word “fat” oftentimes has negative connotations, but when it comes to a great steak, fat content can add a deep level of flavor. Fat can quickly soak up flavors from marinades and seasonings, which can add another level of complexity to steak. That doesn’t mean that fattier cuts of beef will taste better, as fat has a completely different texture to the other sections of steak. Depending on the flavor and textural experience you are looking for, there are a wide variety of steaks that could take your dining experience to the next level. Try out some of the best steaks around by making your reservation at Stanford’s today.

Lean Steak

Lean steaks are delicious, complex in flavor, and uniform in texture. Some of the most recognizable steaks in the world, like filet mignon, are lean cuts of beef. A lean steak will have a delightfully light texture to it, with little to no gristle on any portion of the steak itself. This light and consistent texture doesn’t mean that your steak eating experience will be boring. Lean steaks are oftentimes extremely tender and complex in flavor, allowing chefs to create complex flavor combinations that really bring out the depth of flavor a steak can provide. Even simple treatments of salt and pepper on a lean steak will oftentimes be enough to balance the complex flavors naturally present in these cuts of beef. Many lean steaks will be cooked in a butter baste or another fat in order to preserve and add juiciness to the beef. By doing this, chefs can provide you with all the natural flavor and depth that fats can provide without the unhealthy side effects of that fat content.

Fattier Cuts

Fattier steaks like ribeye, New York strip, and T-bone steaks are some of the most classic cuts that come to mind when people think of steak. These rich, flavorful, and decadent steaks are fortified with flavor from the fat contained within and around the beef you eat. In many of these steaks, there is a high enough fat content that there is no need to use an outside fat source like butter or oil, allowing you to have a completely pure steak flavor. As we mentioned before, fat is one of the best ways to trap and add flavor from marinades and seasonings. A well-marbled cut will provide some of the juiciest and most flavorful steak eating experiences out there. Fat also has a very silky texture to it, and a well-prepared steak will already have all the gristle cut out before it is cooked. If you like big bold flavors and are looking to enjoy a textural journey, fattier cuts of beef are a delicious option.

Fatty and lean cuts of beef each provide their own unique dining experiences. Taste the differences yourself with the delicious and flavorful steak options here at Stanford’s. Make your reservation today!