MySTANFORD'S Rewards Program Rules

MySTANFORD'S Rewards Rules

By participating in MySTANFORD’S REWARDS, you represent that you have read, and agree to the Program Rules. As a participant, you may receive advertising, marketing materials and other communication from MySTANFORD’S REWARDS and its affiliates. Membership is nontransferable and is subject to present and future Program rules or changes.

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Points / Rewards

  • $1 qualifying purchase = 1 MySTANFORD’S REWARDS Point
  • Receive 150 Points for registering a new account
  • At 6,000 Points, receive a special dining experience (to be coordinated with store GM)
  • At 12,000 Points, receive an extra special dining experience! (to be coordinated with store GM)
  • When 300 Points are earned, they will automatically convert to $25 in rewards dollars
  • Receive a $25 Reward to be used during your birthday month
  • Refer a Friend to earn 100 Points when they register and make their first purchase
  • While you may earn Points with a physical card, you must register online or with the app for Points to be converted to Rewards dollars.

Expiration / Cancellation

  • MySTANFORD’S REWARDS Points do not expire.
  • MySTANFORD’S REWARDS dollars expire after 90 days of being awarded.
  • MySTANFORD’S REWARDS Birthday Rewards are redeemable during the birthday month.
  • MySTANFORD’S REWARDS participation may be canceled at any time by notifying

Non - Qualifying Purchases / Restrictions

  • A maximum of 1,500 Points may be earned in a single transaction.
  • The issuance of Points for liquor, beer, and wine purchases will be based on state restrictions.
  • A maximum of $150 Rewards Dollars may be used in a 24-hour period.

Additional Program Information

MySTANFORD’S REWARDS has the right to terminate the Rewards Program at any time for any or no reason, with or without notice. MySTANFORD’S REWARDS has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the MySTANFORD’S REWARDS Program Rules. All questions or disputes pertaining to MySTANFORD’S REWARDS will be resolved by MySTANFORD’S REWARDS at its sole discretion. MySTANFORD’S REWARDS reserves the right to make changes to its website, app, and these disclaimers, terms, and conditions at any time. It is the MySTANFORD’S REWARDS user’s responsibility to review the Program Rules from time to time to keep informed of any changes. In the case of fraud or abuse, MySTANFORD’S REWARDS has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including but not limited to revocation, termination, or cancellation of your MySTANFORD’S REWARDS account. In situations involving errors or misuse, MySTANFORD’S REWARDS reserves the right to freeze an account for future Point accumulation and Reward redemption.

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