Stanford’s Keeps You Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for about a year and a half now, and while we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Americans have gone through multiple phases of concern, quarantine, and restrictions. Through all of the shifts and changes in legislation, our team here at Stanford’s has worked hard to rise above and beyond the call of duty to both keep our doors open and our tables as safe as possible for our customers. With the guidelines and recommendations constantly shifting, we were one of the first adopters of social distancing practices, and through that time, we have built an expansive toolset for keeping our dining areas, kitchens, and social spaces as safe, clean, and secure as possible. With new protocols in place, Stanford’s is proud to be safer, friendlier, and easier to enjoy than ever. If you’d like to experience the Stanford’s experience for yourself, make a reservation at your local Stanford’s today. Here are three major changes we have made during the pandemic.

Socially Distanced Spaces

The first step we took to protect both our customers and our staff was to implement socially distanced spaces. Starting from the entrance, each and every one of our spaces had to be altered to allow for and encourage the CDC’s recommended 6-foot distancing. This spacing begins in our waiting area, as during the warmer months we were able to have overflow guests wait in comfortably heated outdoor spaces. During the winter months, we completely rearranged our indoor waiting areas to ensure that space was allotted for all of our guests without making anyone feel uncomfortable or taking away from the beautiful experience that you expect at Stanford’s.

Limited Access & Reduced Numbers

The next step we took to ensure the safety of our guests is to reduce the number of indoor diners to allow us to safely and comfortably distance our tables. We went well above and beyond the CDC’s recommended distancing for our tables, both ensuring that our guests stay completely safe and isolated at their own table, and giving our dining spaces a truly beautiful and iconic look. Our customers have commented on how much they enjoy our new spacing and reduced numbers, saying that our dining spaces have never felt more comfortable, been as quiet, or felt so iconic.

Separators & Dividers

We have also added separators and dividers into more enclosed spaces to make sure that both our guests and our staff are entirely safe. We have made sure to take the time to do so tastefully, and by utilizing acrylic materials, we haven’t disrupted any of the sightlines you know and love. These dividers have been proven to be extremely effective in indoor areas, making sure that you can still enjoy your favorite steak or Stanford’s signature dish with peace of mind.

You can rest easy knowing that your favorite Stanford’s location is safe, secure, and as delicious as ever. Make your reservation today!