What Wine Should You Pair With Your Meal?

If you enjoy a delicious dinner, you know that finding the perfect drink to accompany your meal can really take it to the next level. Building complementary flavors can be complicated, but there are a few tried and true flavors that will always go well together. From the most delicate and delicious meals to hardy and filling home-style cooking, certain drinks will really open up your palate and allow that meal to reach its most flavorful peaks. Any foodie will tell you that finding the drink that goes best with their favorite meal elevates the entire experience and can make every bite truly memorable. If you would like to learn more about the perfect wines to pair with your favorite meal, the expert staff here at Stanford’s will happily help you find the perfect wine to pair with any meal on our fantastic menu. Here are some complementary flavors that are sure to elevate your next meal here at Stanford’s.

Seafood Pairings

For lighter and more delicate seafood dishes, few drinks are a better fit than a deliciously crisp white wine. Seafood is oftentimes cooked with lemon and citrus components, making it a perfect dish to combine with the citrus, fruity, and aromatic notes found in many white wines. Some of our favorite wines to pair with seafood are sparkling wines like champagne, prosecco, or cava. These delicious sparkling wines are robust enough to accent even the boldest flavors of seafood while their effervescence is bubbly enough to compete with fried foods as well.

If you are ordering a leaner cut of white fish like flounder, halibut, snapper, or shellfish, try a sauvignon blanc or a pinot grigio. These dry and crisp wines will easily complement the flavor profiles of these deliciously salty meals. Some of the more flavorful wines in these families can even stand up to the more intense flavors found in fattier fish like striped bass or lobster. White wine is oftentimes used in the preparation of seafood, so make sure you always ask your server if there is a specific wine that would go best with that specific dish.

The Perfect Partner To Steak

Steak is a deep and complex dish, and depending on the cut of beef you are eating, your recommended wines can vary drastically. We’ve all heard of the classic pairing of an Old Fashioned with your steak, as the spiciness of the bourbon can elevate a beautifully seasoned steak, but a fine glass of red wine can easily accomplish the same goal without the aftertaste of hard alcohol. The overall fattiness of your steak will dictate which red wine you want to choose. Fattier cuts like ribeyes and New York strips will do well with the robust flavors typically found in a Syrah. Leaner cuts like a filet mignon or a flank steak will do much better with a wine with higher tannin content like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Make sure that you take note of the seasonings of your desired steak, as certain wines will pair better with those seasonings.

If you are looking for the perfect place to get out and enjoy a delicious dinner, look no further than Stanford’s. Our expert wait staff will help you find the perfect pairing for both your meal and your palate.